A city like Athens offers its visitors a variety of activities and experiences that will make your stay even more unforgettable and special. If you would like to fill your time
creatively, Acropolis Stay in the center of Athens gives you easy access to best meeting points you would want and well connected to the art scene of the city .


This special museum is dedicated to children. In particular, it helps them to understand in a intelligently and fun way the world they live in. Here they can build constructions, understand the concepts of the market & discover & experiment with cooking recipes.


A visit to the Planetarium is certainly a must. First and foremost young and old children will love the huge dome and amphitheater. It is also a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with tricky concepts in a fun and interactive way. Let your kids enjoy a virtual trip to the galaxy.


An alternative activity for children. They will get to know a lot of different turtles and learn everything about these wonderful creatures, such as the biotopes they prefer and how they reproduce. And of course the popular turtle Caretta Caretta will amaze them instantly .


Come close with nature in one of the most beautiful animals nature made. Special hobbies especially for those who tried it,they got passionate about it , horse riding has stopped appealing to a few & chosen and opens its world to more and more aspiring horsemen.

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The Attic Zoological Park, a self-funded creation, stretches over a total of 200 acres, hosting more than 2,000 animals, from 350 different species. Providing information that will raise awareness of the public about animal and environmental protection and the effort to conserve or even reproduce endangered species, as about 60% of the Park's animals are threatened or even endangered.

δραστηριοτητες αθηνα - Acropolis Stay Athens


Redpoint ACC is the climbing track of Athens. The new meeting place for old and new climbers as well as general sports fans who want to escape the narrow limits of the classic gym. The goal of Redpoint ACC is to get more people into the sport from the right side, to sport, to have fun and to have a unique experience safely under the supervision of experienced coaches.

δραστηριοτητες αθηνα - Acropolis Stay Athens


Fast, flexible and environmentally friendly, biking is fun, body exercises, a sense of freedom and is particularly beneficial to health. If you are a fan of cycling and nature, you can choose between interesting routes in Athens or choose to breath the fresh air of the forest and the sea, relax and cool yourself in springs with crystal clear water, admire the view from above and exercise in the best way.

δραστηριοτητες αθηνα - Acropolis Stay Athens


Kart is a sport that does not require special recommendations. He has faithful fans of all ages worldwide, and all the big names of Formula One have started their career driving kart. In fact, starting at the age of five with the baby and mini category, karting is the ideal way to get in touch with driving and speed. It remains, however, a sport in which safety is a top priority and good physical condition.